Are You Looking for an Oil or Gas Job in Thailand?

Oil or Gas Job in Thailand

If you are seeking work in the oil and gas field—especially in Thailand—you will find that a large variety of jobs exist. You just need to tailor your skills and experience to the offerings. For example, one of the more popular jobs is a civil design engineer. This job requires a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering, and the applicant must also be Class II Civil registered and licensed.

Applying as a Director of Finance

If you are seeking oil and gas jobs in Thailand that are more managerial in nature, you may be interested in applying as a Director of Finance. In this role, applicants must be able to lead, control, and direct the financial resources of an oil or gas company. This is important for sustaining a business’s long-term and short-term finances.

To attain managerial roles that relate to finance, the applicant must hold a bachelor’s degree or higher in finance, accounting, or an associate field. He or she must possess a CPA or MBA, and have at least 15 years’ experience working for an international company in the financial arena. All applicants should be proficient in the operation of Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. Applicants should have a strong knowledge of finance and taxes too.

A Senior HR Generalist

Do you have a demonstrated ability to complete tasks and organize and plan? If so, you can work in a managerial capacity, provided that you have the other required criteria. For example, these requirements may also be applied to working as a senior human resource generalist. This permanent role in Thailand requires that the applicant knows how to manage the daily operations of an HR Department in an oil or gas company.

Are You Trained in Geology?

Maybe you are seeking a job in the field. If so, you may want to consider the job role of development geologist. This type of job requires that the applicant be well versed in geological data interpretation and reservoir mapping. He or she should be able to offer input to related geological models. This type of job requires that a person be good at collecting and analyzing geological information. They should use their interpretive skills of geophysical and geological data to help other team members, including reservoir engineers to define and outline field development initiatives.

Like the other fuel attainment positions in Thailand, this type of job requires an advanced degree in a specific area. A degree in Geophysics or Geology and a knowledge of geosciences will assist a person in obtaining this type of employment. It is also helpful to have from eight to 10 years of experience to take on this type of role.

Shortlisting Your Choices

You don’t have to take a long time trying to find employment – as long as you shortlist your search to what you can do. If you have an advanced degree in a specific area, you can move forward with your job-search plans. You should also review your experience. Do you have enough experience for a certain job?

Don’t waste your time trying to find your dream job without reviewing your current resume. While a job may sound appealing, you may get frustrated in trying to fill the job. The employer may think you are underqualified if you lack experience in the field.

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