Using Webinars to Spark Conversations and Lead to Sales

Spark Conversations and Lead to Sales

In today’s world, digital transformation has altered the way companies do business. You cannot afford to be generic in your marketing approach. It is important to be dynamic with your marketing strategy to reach new audiences. One way to improve your relevance and attract new customers is through thought leadership.

Thought leadership in this context is a content marketing strategy where you demonstrate expertise in your niche to increase authority and influence. You do this by providing valuable information to educate your target audience on mutually beneficial topics. One medium to do this is by organizing webinars. A webinar is an audiovisual communication tool where workshops and lectures are hosted online.

Webinars are interactive and useful for relationship building. Webinars are a fantastic tool for lead generation as everyone who signs up inputs their contact. It is also a great way to create a buzz around your product and promote your business. With the right speaker to engage the audience, the possibilities are endless.

Spark Conversations and Get Sales Using Webinars

When recorded, you can repurpose webinars for social media. The goal is to position yourself as an authority and keep them returning for valuable information. It is important to speak well on a topic you know to increase engagement. Remember, it is not only about sales but sharing relevant insights.


The beauty of an impactful webinar comes from identifying the target audience’s challenges. You could talk about a pain point or trending topic in the industry. This automatically improves the traction you’d get to your webinars. When you have a product that addresses this need, you can easily educate, show your expertise, and offer a solution that addresses the need.

It is important to get the right audience in for your webinars. You don’t want to be attracting a construction audience to a health-targeted initiative. It is easier for the right audience to see the value of your offering. It is important to clearly state what participants should expect from the webinar, so no one is disappointed.

Use an Interactive Webinar

Webinars could be live or pre-recorded. A live webinar software allows you to talk to your audience and answer their questions honestly. Live webinars are more personalized and interactive as the audience can ask questions. This interaction offers an opportunity to build an emotional connection with the audience.

Whichever you opt for, it is a fantastic opportunity for you to tell them how they can order from you. Either by using a link embedded in the video or a more detailed description. Remember to always offer relevant insight to their challenges and aid their decision-making. In some cases, you might not be able to attend to all the questions that may arise from the webinar.

Ensure to ask the audience to email you privately for more information. Further conversation allows you to move the prospect further down the funnel. Often, a webinar is used to move prospects from the awareness stage to the consideration and then the decision stage. Good webinar platforms offer perks like document sharing and screen sharing to improve clientele interactions.

Use an Audience Poll

It is important to create a poll during your webinars. This way, you can get the audience’s attention and compel them to participate. Polling gives you an insight into how to segment your audience to demographics, industry, and more. You also know prospects ready to purchase items and give them that option.

An audience poll will create more buzz around your product. If the responses are good, you can demo your product quickly. You get a more immediate result when you poll in the webinar than when you result to post-webinar emails.

Follow Up

Remember the saying out of mind is out of sight? The same applies to sales webinars. It is better to follow the law of recency in this case and reach out to the audience within 24 hours. Most participants would expect a follow-up email containing recordings of the webinar and slides.

Follow-up gives you a leeway to send automated emails to all attendees for feedback. You could also send an email or a blog post link summarizing the webinar’s discussion. You can then plan strategic content with details to purchase the product or service. For those who don’t purchase immediately, you will be topmost in their mind.

Identify Hot and Cold Leads

To identify leads, you need to work with your sales team. Segmenting your leads to target them with the right message is important. Polls and surveys are great ways to recognize hot leads. You can also add some questions in the registration forms to gauge interest.

Some webinar software also offers engagement analytics to help with your classification. The software can also analyze behavior analytics to zero down on prospects. You can also view who purchased from you previously as there is a higher probability they will purchase again.

Old But Effective

Modern marketing strategies seem like the rave of the moment—social media marketing, paid advertising, and email marketing. However, webinars are still an effective content marketing strategy. It offers a good way to lead people through the funnel stages, promote products, and increase loyalty.

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