How To Sell Insurance

How To Sell Insurance

Most agents have not adjusted their marketing strategies to learn the new ways on how to sell insurance.

So many agents focus every day of the month on how they are going to get their 10-25 leads for that day. They will do their telemarketing, cold calling, door to door, 1000′s of mailings, buy leads, etc. They are spending so much time in their day, going after individual leads, that they don’t realize that they are actually digging a long term hole. If you have to start every month doing the same routine and trying to get you 10-25 leads/day, and manually doing everything, the cycle will never end, and soon you will burn out. That happened to me. But then I met an agent a few blocks down. I saw that he had a nice small office and it seemed like a new car every month. I had to figure out what this little agency was doing. At this time, I had no idea, what I was getting into.

That’s When I learned How to Sell Insurance

I learned that he was a graphic designer, in his past career. Hew was willing to tell me what he was doing, because he was getting all the business he ever needed. Now, all the stuff he started talking to me about was way over my head, but it made sense from the beginning.

The point is, is that people like technology to research and buy things online. People are discovering that they can buy anything they need online and get it done quickly. With peoples busy schedules, online research and buying is the way to go.

The Number #1 Tip Is to Get Your Agency Online

Your agency needs to have a website (email collecting, quote request website), and a Facebook business page. The goal for this is to collect emails and contacts month after month, so you can send them free information on your agency. While all this is building, you can keep doing the Cold calling and telemarketing, but after a few months, the internet leads will be flowing in. You will not have to worry. Imagine when people go online and search for auto insurance or life insurance and see your agency with your picture on the first page all over the place. Most likely they will click on your post.

There are hundreds of millions of people on Facebook every day. Imagine if you could develop a “friend” list, make it viral and send out a weekly advice tip, on how you could make their life better. You would make the one post and get it out to several thousand people. Over time, leads will be contacting you month after month.

Knowing how to sell insurance is not a skill, it’s a system. Closing the sell, is the skill. Insurance agents need to understand that the insurance business is all about marketing now days. This is my daily tip on how to sell insurance.

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