How I Beat a Crippling Fear as a Trader

Crippling Fear as a Trader

Once I had a horrible experience in trading that that hurt broke my heart and confidence level so badly I was unable to trade from that incident. It took lots to effort to gather my confidence back and start to trade again. I tried to meditating for almost a year to regain my past mindset and confidence. After a year when I returned home after my practicing meditation for 1 year then it took time to restore me with society. I did not have any job after returning from my meditation life so I decided to start trading again despite having a bad experience which had happened in my last trading period. With one year of meditation, I thought I was completely ready to cope up with the ups and downs of the market and also thought I was ready to make trading as my key success this time. But when it was the first day of my trading life version 2.0 then I again felt the same amount of stress and anxiety in my brain and suddenly I felt like my whole body is shaking with nervousness.

I understood that my experience was still bothering me, so whenever I open a position then I start sweating and wait for my opened trade to unfold their card to show me what they have ready for me.

All the time when I open a trade I start to imagine the possible bad outcome that trade can give rather than thinking about the potential outcome that trade can cause rather than I felt like hiding under a bed. So I understood that I need to work on these things otherwise I will ruin my life without even trying to cope with it. To discover more about how to conquer my fear of trading losses, visit this website:  

Make peace with all type of situation 

Firstly I thought that I need to make friendship with the fact that failure can happen again and anytime as trading is a risky profession. You will find in many books that many writers have specified anxiety related to the failure. As an example, a musicians who can confidently play music flawlessly when they are alone often they become nervous in front of the big number of audience and as a result make mistake. They become so stressful and fearful that their performance. Visit this to get more info about the professional environment.

Man becomes fearful when then cannot control something, like our exam result in not in our hands, we can just study hard and write accordingly in the exam paper and wait for the result to publish. We have to keep in mind that we can make a mistake and this will hamper our result in the exam rather than just doing much tension about the result. Just like in the trading market, you have to analyze perfectly when you open a position and after you opened a position then it is not up to you to control that signal’s movement. You have to make peace with the fact that the market can go against you anytime and you can nothing do to it rather than looking for other opportunities by which you may overcome the loss.

If you cannot make peace with mistakes than in every aspect of life you will face failure. He has to understand what is in his hand and what is not. Like his thoughts, opinions, passion, skills are in his hand but his body, reputation, command, property are not in his control. Clustering this and making peace with mistakes is not an easy task and it is not a skill that you will learn in week one or two. It is an ongoing process so you have to investigate effectively. So I convinced myself that with time I will try to understand what are in my control and whatnot. Those things are not in my control can give me any type of surprise and I will greet that surprise with a smiling face rather than bragging my decisions and after few months I had a very healthy and profitable trading life.

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