Customer experience and consumer behavior

Customer experience and consumer behavior

Customer experience

Customer experience is one of the major factors that highly impacts the growth of any business. It helps to sustain any business in the long run. The most important thing a business have are indeed its loyal customers. If customers have favorable experiences with the brand or businesses, they will not switch over to a competitor and it will be easy for the business to retain those customers. However, on the contrary, if businesses do not provide good services and the customer perceived value to the consumers, they will switch over to a competitor.

Two basic things that shape customer experience

Consumer Perception

What consumer perceives of a brand is what causes him/her to make a purchase. If customer has positive perceptions about a brand, he/she will keep purchasing products on and off. When the brands succeed in providing the customer expected value, they are delighted. However, if the customer perceived value exceeds the customer’s expected value, he is overwhelmed and might stay around a brand for a longer time.


The second thing that helps in knowing or forming a favorable customer experience is its interaction with the businesses. If the brands responds to customers queries, complains, or anything they have to ask, the customer will feel he is being valued by the business. The sources of interaction involves customer support, customer service, emails, social media platforms etc.

Moreover, if you want customer to stick to your brand for longer, a business should spend time and money on creating a customer experience strategy. The objective of this strategy is to provide a maximum level of satisfaction to customers so that they stay loyal to your brand and does not switch over.

Customer behavior

It involves predicting, analyzing, and evaluating the customer’s response to various products or services being offered by a business. This allows businesses to know how a customer responds to their various products.

It includes;

  • The expectations of a consumer with a brand.
  • Customer’s decisions regarding purchases and his buying patterns.
  • Customers liking, desires, and changing needs or wants.
  • The impact of various environmental factors on the consumers.

How to collect data regarding consumer behavior

Get reviews from customers

This can help the brand in knowing the expectations of the customers. It helps them analyze which areas are needed to be given more focus to improve service for consumers.

Online Surveys

These surveys can let a brand know about what a customer wants from them, what are their thoughts about the business products and services.

Ask questions directly

Create a focus group of customers and ask them questions directly about what are their feelings about certain products.

How Customer Service affects behavior

According to various market surveys and research conducted, what shapes or affects a customer’s behavior the most is a brands customer service. It is one major factor that highly impacts the consumer behavior. A customer who had a bad customer service experience with your business will form negative words of mouth for your business. On the contrary, customers with positive experiences will stay loyal. Therefore, it is very important for businesses to guide their customer service and representative teams to have a friendly interaction with their customers. Bad experiences with customers can affect a brands image and reputation, and as a result they will lose many customers.

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