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How Automation Increases Workplace Productivity & Safety

Advantages of using automation created by The Numina Group.

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The Credit Union Advantage

The Credit Union Advantage from Pacific Service Credit Union.

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Outdoor Factors That Are Costing Your Commercial Property Money

Outdoor Factors That Are Costing Your Commercial Property Money from Raider Painting
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How I Beat a Crippling Fear as a Trader

Once I had a horrible experience in trading that that hurt broke my heart and confidence level so badly I was unable to trade from that incident. It took lots to effort to gather my confidence back and start to trade again. I tried to meditating for almost a year to regain my past mindset and confidence. After a year when I returned home after my practicing meditation for 1 year then it took time to restore me with society. I did not have any job after returning from my meditation life so I decided to start trading again despite having a bad experience which had happened in my last trading period. With one year of meditation, I thought I was completely ready to cope up with the ups and downs of the market and also thought I was ready to make trading as my key success this time. But when it was the first day of my trading life version 2.0 then I again felt the same amount of stress and anxiety in my brain and suddenly I felt like my whole body is shaking with nervousness.

I understood that my experience was still bothering me, so whenever I open a position then I start sweating and wait for my opened trade to unfold their card to show me what they have ready for me.

All the time when I open a trade I start to imagine the possible bad outcome that trade can give rather than thinking about the potential outcome that trade can cause rather than I felt like hiding under a bed. So I understood that I need to work on these things otherwise I will ruin my life without even trying to cope up with it.

Make peace with all type of situation

Firstly I thought that I need to make friendship with the fact that failure can happen again and anytime as trading is a risky profession. You will find in many books that many writers have specified anxiety related to the failure. As an example, a musicians who can confidently play music flawlessly when they are alone often they become nervous in front of the big number of audience and as a result make mistake. They become so stressful and fearful that their performance. Visit this to get more info about the professional environment.

Man becomes fearful when then cannot control something, like our exam result in not in our hands, we can just study hard and write accordingly in the exam paper and wait for the result to publish. We have to keep in mind that we can make a mistake and this will hamper our result in the exam rather than just doing much tension about the result. Just like in the trading market, you have to analyze perfectly when you open a position and after you opened a position then it is not up to you to control that signal’s movement. You have to make peace with the fact that the market can go against you anytime and you can nothing do to it rather than looking for other opportunities by which you may overcome the loss.

If you cannot make peace with mistakes than in every aspect of life you will face failure. He has to understand what is in his hand and what is not. Like his thoughts, opinions, passion, skills are in his hand but his body, reputation, command, property are not in his control. Clustering this and making peace with mistakes is not an easy task and it is not a skill that you will learn in week one or two. It is an ongoing process so you have to investigate effectively. So I convinced myself that with time I will try to understand what are in my control and whatnot. Those things are not in my control can give me any type of surprise and I will greet that surprise with a smiling face rather than bragging my decisions and after few months I had a very healthy and profitable trading life.

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Business ID Theft Soaring Amid COVID-19 Closures

Business ID theft can cause far more costly and severe damages than just new lines of credit in your name. The sad truth is that many business owners aren’t aware of this type of threat or have no idea of how they can fight it. This article is here to help you with the issue and the right high risk merchant account for your eCommerce business.

COVID Closures Resulting in ID Theft

COVID-19 has harmed not only people but also businesses. The created situation has “opened up” more opportunities for hackers and scammers to take advantage of the chaos. During COVID-19, there’s been a significant rise in data breaches, hacks against the healthcare companies, phishing scams, and not only.

Consumers have lost more than $98 million because of COVID-19 scams since January 2020. However, this number doesn’t include the huge increase in business ID theft caused by COVID-19.

What identity thieves do is to run up unauthorized lines of credit in the names of a small business. In these days of COVID-19, they’re benefiting from the closures and economic uncertainty, as the security world news source KrebsOnSecurity reports.

Moreover, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) reports that during the period from January to mid-July 2020, consumers have lost over $90 million because of COVID-19-related fraud.

Best High Risk Merchant Account to Avoid Fraud

Business ID theft has risen by 258% since the start of 2020. Partly, this is due to COVID-19. The thing is that thieves are now more often stealing business-related data to unlawfully obtain relief funds and loans.

What about your own business and your consumers? What measure are you taking to protect your consumers from online payment processing fraud?

You can do this without difficulty if you work with a trustworthy credit card processing company in the country. A true merchant processing expert can provide you with fast and easy access to the safest, most advanced and cheapest merchant processing services, including a high risk merchant account.

According to Andrew LaMarca, the global high-risk and fraud team lead at Dun & Bradstreet, the intensity with which cybercriminals are benefiting from COVID-19 uncertainties to target small businesses is troublesome.

To sum up, businesses are faced with more than one type of fraud and scam on a daily basis. Specifically, business ID theft has significantly grown because of COVID-19.

Author Bio: Blair Thomas has been a music producer, bouncer, screenwriter and for over a decade has been the proud Co-Founder of eMerchantBroker, the highest rated high risk merchant account processor in the country that offers the most secure and cheapest high risk merchant account in the field. He has climbed in the Himalayas, survived a hurricane, and lived on a gold mine in the Yukon. He currently calls Thailand his home with a lifetime collection of his favorite books.

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Tips to Hire the Right Medical Malpractice Attorney

It is imperative to hire the right medical malpractice attorney in Miami for your case. An experienced attorney is your ally who takes care of all the legal matters and ensures you get the compensation that you deserve. When it comes to hiring the right attorney, there are many factors that you should consider that include –

  1. Experience

The practice is what makes the medical malpractice lawyers good at their job. Therefore, the experience of an attorney is an important factor to consider. When reviewing the lawyers, check how long they have been practicing the particular law. Ensure to choose a lawyer who specializes in medical malpractice law.

Also, verify whether or not they practice other personal injury law as well. An attorney who juggles between different law practices may not be as updated as the one that specializes in a particular law. You need to focus on hiring a professional who has expertise in dealing with medical malpractice cases.

  1. Their Track Record

The number of cases won by the attorneys and the number of cases settlement by them is important information to gather. If you choose an attorney who has settle for a lot of cases, the insurance company may use this information, and you may end up with less compensation. However, when you have a lawyer who is not afraid to take the case to trial and have an impressive track record, the insurance company will be more intimidated and would try to settle the case outside the court itself.

Additionally, also check out the number of cases they have lost. Winning 300 cases in the lifespan sound very impressive; however, when the lost cases stand at 600, the entire story changes. Identifying the track record will ensure you to filtered out incompetent lawyers for your case.

  1. Client Review

When it comes to hiring the right medical malpractice lawyer, you should not overlook the importance of client review. This is one of the best ways of determining the quality of the services provided by the attorney. Read through the online review section of the lawyer and see whether or not they have positive reviews. You can check out the reviews in relevant forums as well. There might be some negative reviews as well, so you have to compare and then make a decision.

  1. Fees

Medical malpractice lawyers offer services at an expensive cost, especially when they are reputed. When you contact the attorney, make sure to get a detailed fee structure. Typically, personal injury lawyers work on a contingency basis. This means that they are paid a certain percentage of the settlement you receive.

However, there are costs involved in the whole process, and some firms bear that cost for their clients. Ensure that the attorney you are choosing covers those expenses. Being clear about the fees and costs will allow you to plan your finances accordingly.

With the right medical malpractice attorney by your side, you can assure you to get the right compensation. When hiring an attorney for your case, consider the above factors to make the right decision.

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3PL Services in Singapore


Third-party service in Singapore (3PLS) .The formation of free trade zones and enlarged foreign direct investment is leading the growth of the shipping and logistics industry in the developing markets. Due to having the benefit of its geographic location Singapore is expected to witness strong growth in the 3PLS in the Singapore market.

The growing companies of a large number of performers in Singapore have allowed the rapid development of infrastructure and development in the country. In the near future, Singapore`s growth project to be more powerful as the international players are more interested in setting up the regional headquarters in the country.

Third-party logistics workers (3PLs) are extensively used by businesses in Singapore and globally. 3PLs mentions any third-party business used to out-source any part of a companys spreading or satisfaction services. This includes supply chain management, distribution, warehousing, transportation, and more.Emphases on three concepts that we believe are the primary determinants of the future usage of third party logistics services in Singapore.

These concepts are:

1: Range of use of the 3PL services in Singapore;

2: Choice making procedure for choosing agreement logistics services provider;

3: Impact of the usage of agreement logistics services on the business.

An experimental research was supported out in Singapore to study the impact of these three aspects on the future usage of third-party logistics services in Singapore. Results centered on an examination of data connecting 126 Singaporebased companies indicate that most users of these services are satisfied with their providers and have confidence that this has led to positive developments within the organization. With a high present level of satisfaction, a large number of these companies are likely to increase their usage of agreement logistics services moderately or extensively.

Logistics Services of Singapore

International Cargo and Logistics

The growing number of open-borders in the existing global business economy provides new chances for both old and new up-coming firms to enter the highly profitable international markets. If you are interested in shipping your products to other countries, Singapore Logistics Firm is ready to help in bringing about your mission. Our experienced international cargo specialists and experts will offer advanced logistics solutions and modified customer support to confirm that your international shipments are handled professionally and skillfully according to your companys first choice and specifications.

Import, Export, and Certifying Solutions

The benefits of importing, exporting and certifying products can be high-priced and challenging if not handled by an experienced international cargo forwarder. Our firm promises to handle all your import, export and certifying needs professionally to help you minimize any unnecessary international trade hurdles that might bring losses to your business. Our import certificates around the region help you to get your manufactured goods to your clients without the irritation of going over and done with the red tape yourself.

Warehousing Services

Warehousing services can save or break your trade. Our business uses its wide network of shared and devoted distribution and storage results to help you satisfy all your promises to your clients wherever they are in the world. If you deal with unpreserved products, our company has advanced cold storage services to ensure the proper protection of all your products. Other warehousing to related services offered by IM Investment Holdings include order management, inventory management, and satisfaction, cataloging, repacking,kitting, excellence check, yard management, self-motivated and static replacement, location, site examination, and much more.

Local Delivery Services

Our local delivery of Singapore services are not only in our country but also in your key marketplaces around the region. Even though we have our delivery vehicles, and sometimes out-source local delivery. However, due to our capacity, we can get the best delivery charges for you. Our logistics firm assurances to offer scheduled and on-demand same day local delivery services for all your products.

Benefits of 3PL Services

Did you know that transportation is the most highly out-sourced logistics function to a 3PL service?Research from Gartnershows that 81% of businesses surveyed out-sourced at least some, if not all, of their domestic transportation.Why do so many businesses make the strategic decision to rely on out-side partners for execution of transport services? The benefits are huge. 3PL logistics can increase your access to better consignment rates, improve competences, cut costs, share knowledge and connections, provide technology, save time, and much more.

Here are some major benefits of 3PL services:

1. Price Savings

Probably the most mutual reason for out-sourcing your logistics function would be that it can guarantee customers get the best value from their transporters. 3PL companies have more influence with trucking companies than separate shippers do. Working with drivers on behalf of several customers, 3PL services can increase incentives or negotiate pricing created on volume and order frequency. Moreover, a quality outsourced logistics service provider will continuously classify ways to improve competences, cut prices, and add value to your procedures.

2. Network Volume

Selection of transporters for equipment, insurance, and qualifications is a large responsibility. Before you hand your goods over to a driver, you need to confirm they are the right person or firm to represent your business. A 3PL service works determinedly to build their transporter network to contain only qualified and reliable service workers. As of their qualified networks, outsourced logistics companies can help you save more volume.


You can more easily achieve high and low terms with the assistance of a 3rd party logistics provider and they can help you quickly reply to increases in request or expansion. 3PL services are connected to service workers nation-wide and can more easily respond to change, relating you to resources without any added risk or leg-work. More can be accomplished, faster.

4. Service Enhancements

A good logistics partner can help you increase service quality. Quality transport partners can help guarantee orders are picked-up and sent on time and by qualified drivers, keeping your customers happy and serving you to avoid expensiveretail vendor charge-backsand schedule disturbances. A truck driver is the first point of contact with your clients, and aquality 3PL companycan help guarantee that is a good experience.

5. TechnologyAccess

3rd party logistics firms can take on the responsibility and expenses associated with spending in technologies that increase your procedures, and able to share with multiple clients, they can handle the investment up-front and with-stand maintenance prices, passing all the profits on to you. Useful technologies that 3PL companies offer:

TransportAdministration Systems (TAS)

Real-time Order Tracking

Route and Association Optimization Tools

Data Analysis and Reporting Tools

Consignment Audit and Payment Clarifications

6. Focus on your core competencies

Shipping can be a time suck if you dont have the right arrangements in place. A 3PL logistics company can take several tasks off your platter, freedom you up-to focus on other important parts of your trade. Moreover, you wont need to invest in logistics employees to oversee day-to-day shipping; your logistics provider can achieve instead.

Daily tasks that can be taken off your platter:

Classifying and booking the right service worker and mode (truck, rail, LTL, reefer, etc.)

Appointment arrangement for pick-up and delivery

Driver and facility statement

Order tracking

Issue managing

Billing and paper-work

Presentation reporting

To wrap it up:

Third-Party Logistics Services (3PLs) in the Asia-Pacic region has shown significant growth. Conclusion from the change of industry from North America and Europe to Asia, the request for logistics services has grown significantly over the past two decades in several countries in this region.

Trends in 3PL services were likened among four countries that are Australia, India, Malaysia and Singapore. Price reduction and improvement of operational exibility are the two main reasons why rms out-source logistics with eet supervision, shipment link, warehousing management and order fulllment being the most standard services out-sourced. The helpful impact of the use of 3PL services reported by rms has been considerable in terms of logistics prices, customer satisfaction, and core logistics, and worker confidence.

Consequently, it can be determined that 3PL company is an out-side supplier that the firm hires to do the logistics actions.

The advantages include lower costs as well as a smaller financial risk, and gaining the assistance of knowledge in logistics organization. However, the limits of out-sourcing your logistics to a 3rd party are also overlooked. They include the risk of choosing the incorrect supplier. Furthermore, selecting the wrong partner is worth a vast amount of money.

To select the most appropriate 3PL service, firms and companies should be concerned about both selection standards as well as its successful affiliation.

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Why Digital Marketing Is a Big Part of the Future

There is little doubt in anyone’s mind how important digital marketing is, not just right now but in the future as well. In fact, everything is done digitally these days for both personal and professional functions so that’s where we need to be concentrating our energies. Companies that offer digital marketing services stay busy indeed and one of the reasons why they offer numerous digital marketing apprenticeships is to help prepare young people for the importance of digital functions in the years to come. These days, everything is done online, which not only saves a lot of paper but also enables both your personal and your professional life to run more efficiently, making it something that won’t disappear any time soon.

The Wave of the Future

The digital world has been with us for several decades but its popularity has never waned. If anything, doing things digitally has become more popular than ever, which means that it won’t be going away any time soon. In fact, due to its popularity and its effectiveness, the digital world is simply going to grow in the future and become even more important in our lives. This is why the companies that offer digital services continuously upgrade their technology and their knowledge of the digital world. They have to do this to remain competitive but the consumers are the winners because we are the ones who benefit from those efforts.

Digital Services Encompass a Lot of Tasks

The word “digital” refers to anything that is done online. The virtual world is definitely upon us and its benefits are many. Digital services allow us to communicate better, faster, and more efficiently. One of the many things that digital marketing apprenticeships offer is the ability to learn all about how the virtual world affects you, your customers, and the world around us. This is important because digital services are only going to grow and become more sophisticated, which means that everyone should stay on top of them.

Of course, the companies that provide digital services can help you even if you know nothing about the Internet, mobile apps, or any other part of learning these services. Companies such as Sixth Sense Training make sure that you get what you need in the end and if you have any questions or concerns, all you have to do is consult with them and they will help you figure everything out.

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About Remote Jobs Programming

The advent of computers, smartphones and high speed internet has completely changed how people live & work. Today, it is possible for people to undertake different types of assignments without having to put on their formal dress. Work from home concept is gaining strength especially after Covid-19 striking terror across the globe. If you are an introvert, shy and prefer to work alone is sure to love Remote Jobs Programming jobs. You will never feel lonely since you will be working amidst your family and friends.

Things to be cautious about

There are few things which need your attention. Do remember that they are not insurmountable or deal breakers, but things which need to be managed properly.

  • You need to learn to manage precious time and be disciplined. Set to do list, proper schedule and adhere to it sincerely.
  • There are some who are found to work throughout the day in remote situations. You need to keep your seniors informed periodically about your progress made as remote worker and complete assignments on time.
  • Some remote jobs do require employees to attend office periodically for face to face interactions for meetings.

You will take weeks to settle in fully and enjoy working from your home. You need to find ways & means to stay motivated to stay productive & result oriented.

Why seek Remote Jobs Programming?

You may be a software programmer and have gained some exposure, expertise & experience in a niche field. If so, then you can apply for remote programming jobs with small companies and benefit from it immensely. There are many software companies across the globe that does offer assignments to employees working from home. You may be a fully paid employee or a freelancer. Benefits of working from your home are given below:

  • You can avoid those long traffic jams and wasting precious hours on travelling back & forth every day.
  • You can have the liberty to work remotely just about from anywhere. All you need is a laptop, internet and phone to communicate. No more you have to move in to a big city to find a job.
  • If seeking programming jobs as a freelancer, you can work with multiple clients at a time. This again depends upon your ability & time available. This will also mean gaining more monthly income.
  • Since you will be working alone on your project, you can work without any distractions or interruptions. You will be able to take your own decisions to complete the task much to the satisfaction of your employer.
  • You are free to wear whatever you find comfortable while working. This is definitely a wonderful lifestyle perk.
  • You can schedule your work according to your convenience, keeping deadline in mine. Thus, you can devote quality time to your family and other personal work.
  • Programming does require in-depth focus. Working from home will also mean not getting disturbed by anyone and immerse you fully.

You can apply for home-based programming jobs at the leading portals and enjoy life.

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Top Reasons to Use a VPN

VPNs may seem intimidating, but their use has become widespread these days. A lot of people will tell you that using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a must these days because it is the only way for you to ensure your security and privacy when you are surfing the web. In simple terms, an encrypted connection is created by the VPN between you and its server and this prevents others from seeing your online activity and checking your location. This all sounds good, but what does it mean from a practical viewpoint? What could be some good reasons to use a VPN? Here are some top ones to consider:

Reason 1: Access your streaming video content from anywhere

Are you thinking of taking a trip somewhere? Or maybe you are trying to stream some video content in your own country and are unable to access it? A lot of content offered through some subscription-based video services is available in specific countries. A VPN Hong Kong will allow you to use your favorite streaming service to watch any content you like, without having to worry about restrictions.

Reason 2: Enjoy a secure internet connection in public places

Public Wi-Fi hotspots are undoubtedly convenient as they enable you to connect to the internet without using your data plan. But, the problem with these is that they are public, which means that you share the connection with a lot of people simultaneously. This means that if you don’t have a secure VPN Hong Kong, all the information that you are sending and receiving, including your passwords and other sensitive data, will be vulnerable to cybercriminals. This applies to your smartphone and your laptop. A VPN can give you a secure internet connection that allows you to use the public Wi-Fi hotspot without putting your information at risk.

Reason 3: Get greater security for online banking

Everyone is very concerned about keeping their bank account information private. Who doesn’t enjoy the convenience offered by online banking? However, it is important to remember that it should only be accessed on a secure internet connection or else your identity could be compromised. With a VPN Hong Kong, you will be able to add an extra layer of security and this will give you peace of mind while you conduct online transactions.

Reason 4: Take advantage of subsidized shopping and traveling

Do you know that you can get different prices for booking flights from different destinations, no matter where you are traveling from and what your destination may be? There are a number of online sites that maintain different price lists for clients from different countries. The same applies to airfares. If you don’t want to deal with this location bias, you can use VPN Hong Kong for shopping in online stores and check flight rates from various countries. This allows you to get the best deals and can help you save money. It could be time consuming, but the savings make it worth it.

Reason 5: Enjoy complete anonymity

One of the most crucial reasons for anyone to use a VPN Hong Kong is to maintain your anonymity. With a VPN, you can explore the internet from various location servers. In this way, all traffic is directed to and from the VPN server and your identity and location will remain anonymous, even to the host site. Thanks to this anonymity, you can also stay safe from any targeted cyber-attacks and no one will be able to trace your information by using your personal details. Even if you visit a malicious website while using a VPN, your identity will remain secure.

Reason 6: Avoid any government censorship

There are a lot of governments around the world that censor the internet and place restrictions on the kind of content that can be viewed by the people of a country. This can make it difficult for people to communicate and can also prevent them from accessing websites they may need for work or any other purpose. With the help of a VPN Hong Kong, you will be able to avoid government censorship and no one will be able to find out.

Consider these reasons and choose a reliable VPN Hong Kong right away to enjoy its benefits.