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Reviewing Leadership Styles

If you work in the business or IT field, you need to exert leadership qualities. Therefore, you need to be someone who has training to lead – someone who cares about his or her company. When you have this type of emotional connection, you can be of more value to your business.

Reviewing the Four Leadership Styles

By reviewing leadership styles, you can get more from your employees and be a more effective leader. You can understand these styles better by receiving situational leadership training. This type of leadership model addresses four main types of leadership styles. These styles are founded on directing, coaching, supporting, and delegating work. The ideal is to direct managers to the level of delegation.

The Directing Process

The situational leader knows the relationship between effective leading and the level of readiness that followers in an organization display for certain tasks. During the directing process, the leader is showing a basic level of leadership. He or she can help direct new employees in their roles. In this formative phase of leadership, the follower may have a high commitment to the work, but a low level of ability. He or she may also exhibit some insecurity.

In this situation, you would need to pay attention to the tasks that are given rather than receiving a direct report on progress. At this point, that type of relationship does not exist. When a direct report will not suffice, the leader or manager must spend additional time with his or her employee – providing clear directions and routine follow-up. At this juncture, it is your job to encourage and motivate your workers.

The manager that directs celebrates positive results and offers recommendations or remedial actions when the results are less positive. The idea of this phase is to promote the worker to the next level of ability. At this stage, the manager is leader-driven.

Coaching Employees

When coaching is used, the workers have developed a bit more competence and, therefore, commit more to their work. While a worker may not be totally confident about his or her ability, he or she is starting to succeed at arriving at specific goals.

At this point, the managers will still concentrate on certain tasks, which may take a good deal of time to complete. However, he or she and the employee have begun to make a connection – one where the leader can emphasize a coaching style.

The idea is to engage an employee so he or she can advance to the next level. The manger directs less and suggests things to do more often. This triggers more encouragement and leads the worker to progress to the next level more easily. This still represents a leader-driven phase.

Supporting Workers in Your Company – Working Toward Delegation

At the next level, the manager becomes more of a support system for the employee. By this point the employee is no longer totally insecure about his or her ability to do a certain task or take on a new responsibility. With the proper support in place, he or she has renewed confidence. This will help him or her to progress until he or she reaches the delegation stage – a stage where he or she can assume a task and handle it on his or her own.

As you can see, each stage is important to the leader and follower. By learning the situational model of leadership, you will become more effective and valuable to your company.

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What to Consider Before Buying a New Computer 

RAM, hard drive, software, processors, size… purchasing a new computer can appear to be quite confusing for anyone without technical proficiency! But don’t fear, understanding the basic terms and different functions of computers can help to match you with the perfect device for your needs.

First, consider why it is you are buying a new computer. Is your old one broken, or does it require a repair that is much simpler than you would think? Ensure that your current device isn’t still protected by warranty, else you may not even need to consider a new computer. Some repairs may also be possible for a much lower cost than a new purchase, so consider asking around in repair stores to obtain a quote for your problem. If you are simply experiencing a slow and sluggish operating system, then you may want to ask ​was ist xtra pc. A small, affordable device that is compatible with any computer, xtra pc​ can be the solution to boosting speed and performance on your current computer, saving you a lot of money from having to buy a completely new one.

Now, if you are still determined that you need a new computer, ask yourself what you will be using the computer for, how often you will be using it, and the nature of which you use a computer. If you are the sort of person who runs many applications at once and who always has many tabs open on your browser, you will want to consider a higher RAM, that is, Random Access Memory. It is advisable to go for at least 8GB of RAM, but if you’re a multitasker, look for a computer with 16GB.

Your computer’s processor will determine the performance of the device, but of course, newer processors, while more efficient, come at a much higher cost. Depending on your budget, a mid-range processor such as Core i5 chips are suitable for general use, but if you are using large and technical software, such as for programming, it is advised to spend a little bit more on a high-performing processor.

Computer storage types come in two types: hard disk drive (HDD) and solid state drive (SSD).

While SSDs are generally more expensive, most people find them worth the extra cost, as not only do they make your computer run much faster, but they are also found in lighter and quieter computers that are harder to damage, as they don’t come with moving parts. If you are on a tighter budget, it is possible to find hybrid computers that combine both types of storage.

Finally, take the above into consideration along with the size, weight and shape of the computer you want to buy. If you carry your laptop around a lot, you may opt for a smaller and lighter device, but ensure that they are not lacking in the important functionalities mentioned above.

These days, computers even come with the functionality to twist around, conveniently turning them into a tablet. There is no one right computer for all, so make sure you research your needs and lookup reviews for different models before making any purchases.

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What Are Your Life Insurance Needs in Thailand?

If you live in Thailand and have a growing family, you need to make sure that you choose life insurance that will take care of your family should you die unexpectedly. Life insurance is an extremely important purchase for younger professional people, or people who have a growing family.

Taking Care of Your Family’s Needs If You Die

While you may think the risk of dying is greater with age, younger people can also be more reckless than older people. That is why you need to make sure your family is protected, and protected adequately. By reviewing life insurance protection in Thailand, you can provide for your family and keep them in their acquired lifestyle after your death.

Look Toward the Future with Confidence

By choosing the right provider, you can feel confident about your family’s future. Choose a company that has developed a network, over the years, that includes hospitals, clinics, healthcare providers, and doctors. You will find that medical and life insurance in Thailand can be used by both individuals and businesses.

Who Are the Company’s Clients?

You need to use a company that offers life insurance that is next to none. See what the company has for clients. If you notice a listing of major worldwide companies, you know that you are choosing the right insurance protection for yourself and your family. When an insurance company has earned this type of trust, they have become well-established and stable – something that you want to experience if you are choosing an insurance company.

Is the Company Well-Known and Respected in Thailand?

Pick a company that is one of the foremost ranked insurers in Thailand – a company that can be trusted to help you find the best life insurance policies for you or your company. If your concern centers on life insurance, you need to speak directly to a company that offers a range of plans – plans that can be tailored to your specific budget and needs.

Buy Only the Coverage You Need

Make sure, when you are reviewing life insurance plans, that you only get the coverage you need. Otherwise, you can void a policy. Make sure you just buy enough insurance to cover household expenses and similar costs without going over the budget. Sit down with an insurance representative so you can buy the right amount of insurance from the best company.

When you review insurance plans, consider what you will need to support your children’s care and education and how much insurance will be needed to cover the costs of housing. You will also need to add the amount that will be needed to cover your funeral and related costs. All these details must be considered first before buying and picking a plan. That is why you need to compare to make a more informed buying decision.

If you live in Thailand and work for a major company, you may find a group plan at work. Otherwise, check out private health insurance if you own a company or are self-employed. Look at your options, especially if you own a home and mu

st take care of younger children.

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5 Ways to Boost Your Party Planner Business Clients

Wondering how to keep your sales funnel full with prospective clients for your event planning business?

Perhaps, you just started your business and are in need to get that first paying customer in?

Regardless of the phase you are in with your business development, one thing is certain, you need a stable stream of clients to keep you in business.

And often, to acquire the first clients you will need to send out a ton of event proposals. However, you can speed up the proposal creation process with an event proposal template which enables you to create professional and compelling documents quickly.

That said, here are 5 proven ways to increase your client base for your party planner company.

Tap into your personal relationships

Sure, this might sound so painfully obvious, but the reality is many new business owners often neglect to take advantage of what is probably the cheapest marketing for their fledgeling business.

Tap into your personal relationships to get the word going about what you do. Encourage your family and friends to share the news about your event planning company with their networks too.

Call close friends and request they keep an ear out for you in case any of their other friends need someone to plan their event.

Send emails, share a social media post, text your contacts and encourage them to reshare with their friends too, who knows you might even go viral.

Attend industry networking events

You want to be in the same space as your potential clients, especially if your ideal clients are corporate organizations. Attending and networking at industry events is an excellent way to meet with individuals from companies you would like to work with.

It is also an avenue to put a face to your brand, build rapport with other industry professionals and learn new tricks of how industry events are put together in readiness for when you will organize yours.

Get on social media

The internet offers you a great platform to reach a wide range of people with your services.

Start by creating a business account on all relevant social media websites. Ensure consistent branding across these channels too, so that regardless of which platform a client interacts with you they will always get the same experience.

Update the social media profiles with current and correct business details. Make it easy for customers to contact you, indicate open hours, and where possible directions to your office.

Finally, optimize your business account with relevant business-related keywords so that when prospective clients search on these platforms, your profile will show up.

Build a website and add a blog

You need a business website, in addition to the social media profiles you created. Take it a step further by integrating a blog on your website, that way, you can easily share fresh and valuable content regularly.

Once, the website and blog are set up, you will need to develop a content marketing strategy to help you publish and promote the content on the website.

Here is the thing, publishing consistently on your website helps brand you as an authority in your niche; plus, it becomes pretty easy to rank for keywords on search engines.

Optimize for local SEO

As an event planner, your target market is probably your local community. So, it makes business sense to target these people when optimizing your business online.

Local SEO ensures your website ranks for keywords that are relevant to your business plus your location. For example, when someone searches for “event planners in Canberra” or “Party planners near me” Google shows them your business.

To optimize your website for local SEO you will need to include location-specific keywords in the descriptions and tags on your website. Your contact details should be accurate and complete.

You will also need to claim your business on Google My Business – it’s a free business directory by Google. Complete the form and be sure your details especially your business name, address and phone numbers are consistent with what you have on your website and social media pages.

Then, verify that you own the business. You can verify your business instantly by video chat or requesting for a code sent to the address you added through the post. Once, you receive the pin code, log into your Google My Business account to complete the process.

From there hopefully your business will go from strength to strength and you will have many events to plan.

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The Importance Of Long Term Thinking In Property Investment

The recession, market inexperience and the urge to protect what is yours can make knowing how to make the best investments- be it in investment property or the stock market- seem impossible. It’s tempting to take the short-term view, and it’s natural to panic when you see your hard-won investment on a downhill. But property, like many other investment classes, needs a long-term strategy to allow compounding of your asset value to take place.

Compound interest can’t be all that, surely?

Oh yes, it can. Compounding is the process where the interest your money earns this year is added back to your principal, and then earns more interest next year…and so on. It sounds really simple, but spend three minutes with Google for a few examples if you’re still skeptical about how impressive the results of compounding are. It’s a powerful growth force, and one present in any investment that grows faster than inflation- so it’s very relevant to your investment property’s value- but it only works if given the time to do so. You’re more likely to lose money over the short-term then gain it, but more likely to gain then lose over the long term.

That can’t work like that?

There is one problem with the many examples websites give of compounding- it presents it as a straight line of growth. Anyone who’s spent any time around investment knows that doesn’t happen like that. There’s peaks and dips in any asset class, be it investment property or the stock market. The thing is, these classes still make great returns on average- so while there may be a loss one year, a few years of fabulous gains make it all average out to a nice overall growth rate. So you arrive at a situation where if you sell in 3 years you could make a catastrophic loss, but in 20 the property would make a massive gain.

Why is a short-term strategy a bad idea?

The longer you retain your investment property, the more that power of averages is going to work for you. Think of the example above. 1 bad year in 20 is nothing- 1 bad year in 3 is a third of your investment term! The economic market, as we’ve said, is not stable. Think of just a few things that have happened recently- most Australians will remember unforeseen menace that was the Global Financial Crisis with heavy hearts. For those who sold at that time, it was a disaster as all their gains were wiped out- but those who were able to hang on to their investment property over that time will now see a recovery and ultimately those properties will prove sound investments as good years and the occasional incredible year buoy up the damage of the bad ones.

Sudden unforeseen crisis isn’t the only pitfall of short term investment, of course. The market is always ebbing and flowing, and other facets such as changing governmental policies and the discovery or new resources in areas can all influence whether the market will peak or flop in any individual year. So, when you’re considering your investment property, keep these things in mind:
* The power of compounding
* The power of averages
* The natural fluctuations year-to-year [and that they aren’t impossible to outlast]

Overall, it’s not half as important to make a profit this year as it is to make a profit over many years- thereby leads the path to a sound, profitable investment. When choosing your investment property, it’s absolutely vital to consider it a long term investment, not a short one.


Short Course on Investments – Getting to Square 1

Things You Should Know About Day Trading More and more people these days are into day trading and if you want to know the reasons, just keep on reading this article for more information. There are different ways to buy and sell day trading, you can do it using currencies, commodities and stocks. Through this, you can easily get your money just by selling and buying. The truth is that the day trading is not the same with the general kind of trading when it comes to time. In this article, you can learn more information about day trading, so read on until the end. The other important thing you need to know about day trading is that the time range for trading is not the same the entire day in terms of minutes, seconds and more. Aside from that, it also depends on the status of the trade. If you start playing the day trading, you can do once or more trades in a single say. Before you start playing with day trading, it is important that you also know the different kinds of day trading there is. When it comes to day trading, you can encounter the ranging trades, counter-trend trades and trend trades as different kinds of day trading. With the trend trades, the main focus is on the movement of the current price in the market. With this, as a trader, you need to buy the price it is high and sell it if it is down. With the counter trade day trading, you need to trade without following the stream buying. If the market has a sideways movement, that is when the ranging trade becomes significant. The truth is that most people these days would prefer the single trade kind of day trading. By saying day trading, the best option for you to choose is the one that fits you the most. Aside from that, it is also best if you depend the day trading type you choose on the current movement on the market.

What Research About Investments Can Teach You

When it comes to day trading, it is also important for a trader to know the different services offered and equipment needed. The truth is that there are now lots of traders these days who do their day trading online because of modern technology. The good thing with this is that you can now trade no matter where you are in the world. Of course, this can be done using some charting software, telephone and trading software. The other good thing about the day trading is that it has market data and brokerage as some of it services. The other good thing about the services offered by the day trading is that they are also available online. Before you start doing the day trading, you first have to make sure that you are familiar with the different risks involved.What Do You Know About Trades


How to opt for the right investment plan

Everyone aspires for happy and lavish lifestyle. We constantly strive to make some kind of investment to yield some good returns from the market. This investment can range from equities to debt and stocks to mutual funds etc. However, with the modern day efforts and market analysis, financial experts say one of the best ways to enhance your funds in systematic pattern is through the Investment Insurance Plans. These plans give policyholder the benefits of both the worlds, saving as well as methodical increase in the assets. Whether you want to fulfill your long-term goals or take care of your short- term responsibilities, investment insurances are suitable for both kinds of requirements. Thus, a policyholder is not only getting guaranteed returns but he or she is also suitably covered with insurance while running his or her race to earn sufficient money.

Types of Investment insurance Plans:

Unit Linked Investment Plans (ULIP):

ULIPs are a common type of investment plan where part of investment goes for insurance cover while the remaining portion is invested in various equity and debt schemes. These plans are suitable in fast building a large corpus. These investments are directly related to the performance of markets, because of which they offer comparatively higher but volatile returns. Considered to be flexible and transparent, these plans offer investors with capital guarantees.

Endowment Plan:

Endowment plans are generally for people who donot wish to take financial risks. It presents investor with a life cover but with comparatively lower returns. These plans guarantee returns to the investors, mostly at the time of maturity.

Systematic Investment Plan (SIP):

A popular form of investment, in SIP a person invests in mutual fund schemes. Here the investor can withstand the volatility of an unpredictable market with the help of Net Asset Value (NAV) that defines the units one might own. Try giving post-dated cheques which will easily transfer money from savings account to mutual funds.

‘With Profit’ Plans:

In “With profit” plans the investments are done on a range of assets which in turn provide investors with good returns on their policies; usually in the form of bonuses. These guaranteed bonuses are declared on per annum basis.

Why Investment Insurance Plans?

Investment insurance plans help investors to build a large corpus over the long-term time frame. On maturity, bonuses are offered along with a guaranteed sum. The flexibility of the plans allows choosing a suitable policy period. These plans offer an opportunity to do goal-based savings. Besides, they can be utilized to tax benefits for investors under section 80C and 10(10D) of Income Tax Act. Consumers can also get a loan against such policies. This investment insurance serves as protection for investors and his/her family.

How to choose an Investment plan:

*First review your financial needs, risks taking capacities and the period till which you would like to invest. Decide a final goal and then choose a suitable investment plan
*Try to begin with small amount, which can be increased gradually.
*Go for both liquidity and fixed investments. This will allow you to use your investment in emergency as well as curb over-expenditure of the same.
*Ensure that your plan allows switching
*After investing, keep an annual reviewing portfolio
*Based on your suitability select a premium payment option
While choosing investment insurance plans one must not get into over-exposure of a single market instrument. It is advisable to evaluate all market options and invest accordingly. Always compare various investment plans because not every plan fulfils every investment goal you have. Evaluate every aspect of a plan and then make a purchase.

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What Is Guerilla Marketing?

Guerilla marketing gets its name from guerilla warfare, where participants in an armed conflict use any means necessary to attack enemies or win any sort of advantage on the battlefield. Guerilla denotes something that’s a surprise, out of plain sight, or even sneaky. The most effective guerilla marketing campaigns contain some element of surprise, hoping to build brand awareness among potential clients through non-traditional means like television or print ads. The term guerilla marketing started in the 1980s and has gained popularity ever since. The term is even used in other areas of business, typically involving some form of unexpected action that helps push the business forward. Whether it’s increasing brand awareness, working on public image, announcing a new product or service, or launching a promotion, guerilla marketing is a creative way to market your organization outside of traditional channels. Here’s some more information on guerilla marketing and how you can use it to grow your business.

The Guerilla Marketing Basics

Guerilla marketing has some inherent advantages. While it’s not as loud and visible as traditional marketing ads or promotions, it can be just as effective. You’re often reaching different audiences in new ways outside your core demographic. Here are some of the benefits of guerilla marketing:

It’s Cost-Effective – If you’re a business owner or somehow involved in corporate marketing, you know how expensive something like a television ad or a commercial on YouTube can be. With guerilla marketing, the investment is a creative one rather than a financial one. Sure, you’re still spending money, but guerilla marketing can be much cheaper. In the past, companies have placed temporary ads on structures, commissioned some form of art, or arranged a performance in hopes the event goes viral. Ideally, people in the area will take video and pictures of what’s happening and spread the message organically.

It’s Fun – As we said, guerilla marketing is all about pulling off the unexpected. Ross Kernez from Marble says that “You want your campaign to increase buzz around your brand, product, or service.” That means creating a campaign that leaves a lasting impression on the people who see your marketing efforts. That could mean setting up an unannounced pop-up at a park or convention where there will be a critical mass of people. You can hand out swag and talk to people about your company one on one. People love marketing that brightens their day or is something pleasant they can talk about with the friends and family over dinner. If you can make a fun impression and promote your company at the same time, that’s the sweet spot.

It’s Current – The right guerilla marketing campaign is somehow related to current public sentiment. It ties in with the mood of the day without speaking too directly about any political or controversial social topic. There are plenty of case studies that should warn you away from touching anything sensitive. It can end up biting back. Stay away from politics but strive to find a way to put your brand in the zeitgeist.

It’s Shareable – The best guerilla marketing is experienced directly by a small number of people and shared widely to a massive audience. That saves money, logistics, and time, all while yielding incredible results. Make anything you do photogenic, as stylish as possible, and something that translates easily over social media and amongst friends. The shares you get on social media are marketing gold. The best guerilla marketing campaigns generate millions of views and social media touch points that would have cost millions of dollars in marketing costs if they were to be manufactured. This type of free marketing is the goal of guerilla marketing. It’s not always going to happen, but when it does it’s fantastic.

The Bottom Line

Guerilla marketing should be a component of your overall marketing strategy. It should be used in conjunction with traditional marketing channels, and how much you use guerilla tactics will bleed into your brand message and your identity as an organization. It works across all sectors. All it takes is the right people in your organization who can come up with the right idea that touches a nerve and spreads quickly. Done right, guerilla marketing yields a huge return on your investment and leaves a lasting impression on your current and potential customers.