5 Ways to Boost Your Party Planner Business Clients


Wondering how to keep your sales funnel full with prospective clients for your event planning business?

Perhaps, you just started your business and are in need to get that first paying customer in?

Regardless of the phase you are in with your business development, one thing is certain, you need a stable stream of clients to keep you in business.

And often, to acquire the first clients you will need to send out a ton of event proposals. However, you can speed up the proposal creation process with an event proposal template which enables you to create professional and compelling documents quickly.

That said, here are 5 proven ways to increase your client base for your party planner company.

Tap into your personal relationships

Sure, this might sound so painfully obvious, but the reality is many new business owners often neglect to take advantage of what is probably the cheapest marketing for their fledgeling business.

Tap into your personal relationships to get the word going about what you do. Encourage your family and friends to share the news about your event planning company with their networks too.

Call close friends and request they keep an ear out for you in case any of their other friends need someone to plan their event.

Send emails, share a social media post, text your contacts and encourage them to reshare with their friends too, who knows you might even go viral.

Attend industry networking events

You want to be in the same space as your potential clients, especially if your ideal clients are corporate organizations. Attending and networking at industry events is an excellent way to meet with individuals from companies you would like to work with.

It is also an avenue to put a face to your brand, build rapport with other industry professionals and learn new tricks of how industry events are put together in readiness for when you will organize yours.

Get on social media

The internet offers you a great platform to reach a wide range of people with your services.

Start by creating a business account on all relevant social media websites. Ensure consistent branding across these channels too, so that regardless of which platform a client interacts with you they will always get the same experience.

Update the social media profiles with current and correct business details. Make it easy for customers to contact you, indicate open hours, and where possible directions to your office.

Finally, optimize your business account with relevant business-related keywords so that when prospective clients search on these platforms, your profile will show up.

Build a website and add a blog

You need a business website, in addition to the social media profiles you created. Take it a step further by integrating a blog on your website, that way, you can easily share fresh and valuable content regularly.

Once, the website and blog are set up, you will need to develop a content marketing strategy to help you publish and promote the content on the website.

Here is the thing, publishing consistently on your website helps brand you as an authority in your niche; plus, it becomes pretty easy to rank for keywords on search engines.

Optimize for local SEO

As an event planner, your target market is probably your local community. So, it makes business sense to target these people when optimizing your business online.

Local SEO ensures your website ranks for keywords that are relevant to your business plus your location. For example, when someone searches for “event planners in Canberra” or “Party planners near me” Google shows them your business.

To optimize your website for local SEO you will need to include location-specific keywords in the descriptions and tags on your website. Your contact details should be accurate and complete.

You will also need to claim your business on Google My Business – it’s a free business directory by Google. Complete the form and be sure your details especially your business name, address and phone numbers are consistent with what you have on your website and social media pages.

Then, verify that you own the business. You can verify your business instantly by video chat or requesting for a code sent to the address you added through the post. Once, you receive the pin code, log into your Google My Business account to complete the process.

From there hopefully your business will go from strength to strength and you will have many events to plan.

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Derek Fonnie

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